Our department offers a wide range of courses both general and specialized that provides the political science major with the academic depth and breadth to succeed at the undergraduate level and in preparation for advancement to graduate and professional schools. Many courses are of interest to non-majors as well. We combine traditional classroom approaches with innovative online, study abroad, and service learning experiences.

A major or minor in political science, major in international affairs,  or a minor in public administration is excellent preparation for a number of specific career paths. Public service employment at the local, state, and national levels represents an area of demand for college graduates knowledgeable about government. Governments employ approximately one-fifth of the total work force in the United States. Civil service exams and the more selective Foreign Service Officer Exam usually provide the initial access to these jobs. For jobs in Public Administration, click here.

Students interested in legal careers will find that an undergraduate major or minor in political science will provide a valuable background for law school. Prospective law students should learn as much as possible about a legal career and entry to it before settling on that as a goal. For an article on reasons not to pursue a legal profession click here.  A good place to begin on the Internet for information on legal careers is the Internet Legal Resource Guide.

A major in political science can also lead to graduate study and advanced degrees in political science, public administration, or international relations, and a career in research and teaching at the college level.

Careers in business and industry also are excellent options for political science majors and minors, especially as private enterprise becomes increasingly aware of the significance and effect of government regulation. The study of political science is also very useful for those interested in careers in the mass media because they must frequently deal with public affairs; entry-level reporting jobs often include covering local government. Students majoring or minoring in political science in the secondary education curriculum of the College of Education can also prepare for careers in teaching social studies, civics (or government), and international relations.